EMBASSY Trust Suite Dell Edition

Extending the Value of Trusted Platforms

TCG-Compliant Solutions For Securing Your Dell PC

Wave Systems' EMBASSY Trust Suite (ETS) delivers advanced levels of security to the client PC using the TPM security chip found on most enterprise PCs today. ETS 4 features a variety of secure business productivity capabilities with an easy-to-use security center and is compatible with all TCG-Compliant secure hardware platforms.

ETS 4 includes multifactor strong authentication support for hardware-secured Windows login using fingerprints, smart cards, TPMs and passwords. ETS 4 also provides data protection, password management, TPM management, and TPM key backup/recovery. ETS 4 integrates with Wave's enterprise servers for domain-based strong authentication, for enterprise level key management, and for remote administration of Trusted Drives and TPM systems.

For systems containing self-encrypting hard drives, the EMBASSY Security Center includes the Trusted Drive Manager to activate and manage the drive's hardware-based full disk encryption. (For more information on Trusted Drive Manager, please contact Wave Sales.)

For volume pricing or more information on Wave's centrally managed server modules, contact Wave Sales  or call us at (877) 228-WAVE.

EMBASSY® Trust Suite 4 Components

  • EMBASSY® Security Center

    Secure, centralized management of your TPM.

  • Key Transfer Manager

    Trusted Platform recovery and replacement.

  • Document Manager

    Solution to keep your files and folders secure.

  • Private Information Manager

    Secured personal information for today's web based business environment.

  • Trusted Drive Manager

    Automatic hardware-based encryption of your data.

Security Wizards

  • Secure Email

    Hardware security for Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.

  • Secure EFS

    Hardware security for Microsoft Encrypting File System (EFS).

  • Secure Wireless Authentication

    Hardware security for authenticating to a wireless network that supports the 802.1x protocol.


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